Published Work

“The First Day of Summer”


Sisyphus Journal, Issue 4.4: Healing Issue, Winter 2017-2018
“Cicada Shells on the Trunks of Silver Maples”

These Fragile Lilacs Vol IV i
These Fragile Lilacs, 
Vol IV Issues i  , Fall 2018

“Like the Back of My Hand”
The Pangolin Review
, Spring 2018

“Double Suns”
Plum Tree Tavern
, April 4th 2018

“Make A Way If There Isn’t One”
Burning House Press
, April 22nd 2018

“Scent of Wet Words”  in Writers on Writing section
“Struck By Lightning, Or Not”  
Vistas and Byways, Summer 2018

Bread” and “Cans of Baked Beans” in Brine, Issue #1, 2017
The Pickling Poets  uniquely offers jams and pickles along with poetry published by their literary journal Brine.

Bach In The Afternoon
Chapbook from the Blue Light Press, Summer 2018 Workshop
5 poems and 3 photographs of mine along with extraordinary work from thirteen additional poets.

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There Is A Bison In The Front Yard       Found in Weekly Avocet. #315 December, 2018

A Bonsai Tree Grows Out Of My Body Found in Redheaded Stepchild, Winter 2018 Issue