Published Work


Cloudbreak, my second book of poetry, was published in June, 2021 by Poetic Matrix Press. It is a book of appreciation and transition. You can buy my book through their Poetic Matrix Press website, or through, or at Amazon or order at your favorite independent bookstore. Please consider leaving a review about some poem you enjoyed. Thanks! For more info see the post here.

Fog and Light: San Francisco Through the Eyes of The Poets Who Live Here was published in March 2021 by Blue Light Press, and is available through and various other independent bookstores. This love-letter-to-the-city anthology includes four of my poems, (“Sing-Along Messiah”, “Tree #143”, “Mount Sutro Tower”, and “San Francisco, 14th Avenue”), and was reviewed in depth on the online journal London Grip!


Thunder In the Blood was just published in the Fall, 2019 edition of Vistas and Byways. This edition has a special section on Music and they choose this poem. Vistas and Byways the literature review by members of the San Francisco State OLLI program. They introduced it this way… 

“This frank poem describes how the author overcame inhibition and embarrassment over body image and reclaimed the joy of dancing after a twenty year hiatus.”

The Sky Away From Here- Poems from the 2019 Blue Light Press Summer Workshop

This extraordinary writing workshop lead by Diane Frank includes work from eleven hard-working, skilled women. Photographs taken by participants, friends, and the book designer Jennifer Lagier are also wonderful additions. THE SKY AWAY FROM HERE presents selections of poetry we wrote in the workshop and others. I have six poems included. One of them— “Whispers” is one of my personal favorites based on an experience in my little backyard garden. It is the featured poem for January, 2020. Copies of the book can be ordered by clicking on the link above in the title .

My debut book of poetry, INNER SUNSET, is here! published in late May, 2019. Check my blog page by clicking on my name on homepage for more information. Click on Amazon to order and it is also available through or in local bookstores. You can also send me credit card info through contact on this website and I can take Square and mail you a signed copy. So many ways. So exciting! Cover below. If you can, please leave a modest, or elaborate, review on the Amazon page. Thanks so much! And of course forward info to your friends. – Heather


A Bonsai Tree Grows Out Of My Body Found in Redheaded Stepchild, Winter 2018 Issue

There Is A Bison In The Front Yard       Found in Weekly Avocet. #315 December, 2018

“Cicada Shells on the Trunks of Silver Maples”
These Fragile Lilacs Vol IV i , Fall 2018

Bach In The Afternoon
Chapbook from the Blue Light Press, Summer 2018 Workshop
5 poems and 3 photographs of mine along with extraordinary work from thirteen additional poets.

Link to Order


“Scent of Wet Words” in Writers on Writing section

“Struck By Lightning, Or Not”  
Vistas and Byways, Summer 2018

“Like the Back of My Hand”
The Pangolin Review
, Spring 2018

“Double Suns”
Plum Tree Tavern
, April 4th 2018

“Make A Way If There Isn’t One”
Burning House Press
, April 22nd 2018

Sisyphus Journal, Issue 4.4: Healing Issue, Winter 2017-2018
“The First Day of Summer”



“Bread” and “Cans of Baked Beans” in Brine, Issue #1, 2017
The Pickling Poets  uniquely offers jams and pickles along with poetry published by their literary journal Brine.