Featured Poem: May, 2020


It is warm and sunny outside today. Good weather improves my attitude a great deal. I watch my emotions vary during this unusual time. The sameness of the environment seems to highlight changes.  Moments of delight come and then pass. Not less valued for their transience.

Stay as well as you can my friends.

Any Day Now

That cough— Covid-19 beginning?
Am I hot? Tired.
Tired of cleaning.
I forget for hours at a time
that I am waiting—
to get sick.
Inevitable eventually,
or so they say.

In the meantime,
my personal curves
are definitely not flattening.
My hair has lengthened
along with the days.

I have rechecked my will.
Told my daughter and husband
I love them.
Better to be prepared,
not caught in denial.

Then the sun shines warm.
I curl on a round rug
in the streaming beams
and sleep a cat’s dream.

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