Giraffe–Poem for October, 2020

More shelter-in-place personal revelations. Hope you all are staying well.


A six feet 5” girl
is sheltering-in-place
in our house.
I am 5 feet 2”
and dropping.
I want to stare
at her tallness
as at a redwood.
I lean back
to see her.

In her life,
ceilings are
reachable skies.
Spider webs
in upper corners
of patio doors
get in her hair.
Down the backstairs,
she ducks to avoid
being foreheaded.

I am envious.
People see
my shortness
and plumpness.
rises up
a cliff,
a Rodin,
Christmas tree
in Times Square,
bridge pylons
of the Golden Gate.

If I could have,
I would have
to be big
this way.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Patricia Kenber says:

    Me too, but perhaps 5′ 7″

    Great poem


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