CLOUDBREAK is Available Now!

Poetic Matrix Press has published my second book, CLOUDBREAK. This book of poetry covers what brought me to my work with social justice and reproductive health, and how I transitioned, after 37 years, to writing. I would love to have you read my book. Thank you to my reviewers, friends, family, teachers, editor and the Indiegogo Campaign Backers!

If you would like to buy my book from me, either connect with me through this website and I can personalize the signature!

Or, please order from the the press directly, Poetic Matrix Press. Your support will help small independent presses continue to bring books like mine to readers. We love independent bookstores, however, in order to survive they take a pretty large % of expenses after publication costs. It is the nature of the business dynamics right now. There is a collective/nonprofit of independent bookstores,, which returns some of the money that Amazon would otherwise keep to your local bookstore.

If you buy through Amazon, please consider leaving my book a review and the number of stars you wish to. That would be a great help.

Once a CEO, I guess, always a CEO. The financial and business aspects of authorship these days are quite interesting and problematic. There are similar problems for musicians. Luckily, we all love being artists. I hope you enjoy my poetry. Posting a review is appreciated.

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