Red-tailed Hawk Night Vision Live Cam: 2:00 AM August, 2022 Featured Poem

I don’t know how many of you ever watch the live cameras. In the Bay Area I have watched the osprey nest on the Richmond Bridge, the peregrine falcon cam on the UC Berkeley Campus, and this live camera on the grounds of the Presidio in San Francisco. Internationally, there are so many more live cams, often recording 24 hours a day. There are manatees in Florida, flamingos, lions, elephants and one of my other favorites, flying foxes. It is almost like they are in the room as I watch them LIVE.

Red-tailed Hawk
Night Vision Live Cam: 2:00 AM

Rendered in shades of gray,
sharp beak tucked under breast feathers—
it is sleeping.
Feathers slowly lift and fall,
like the sides of a cat curled on a lap.
It is very dark outside here, only a few street lights.
I feel the warmth of the bird in the night,
solid through its softness,
two eggs underneath,
requiring nothing of me.

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  1. Pat Kenber says:

    This is lovely. While everything seems frantic and divisive, nature takes care of its future. It’s a reminder to take care of what and who is close. to you do your part in nature.


  2. hmsestes says:

    Thanks Pat. Being frantic and divisive hardly ever helps anybody or anything.


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