All in Measure: A Book of Hours, 2020-2022 My Newest book AVAILABLE NOW

I am delighted to announce that my book is now live on Amazon and Kindle and available through your local bookstore! Published by Blue Light Press. It is inspired by the tradition of praise and contemplation found in the medieval Books of Hours. As the four of us shelter-in-place during the waves of the COVID pandemic, I feel a kinship with hermits, monks and other cloistered souls.

The days in our house on a hill have assumed a character of ritual and seclusion. These poems chronicle my gratitude, fears and contemplations during this unusual time.

My beliefs about the importance of appreciation, while more pagan and idiosyncratic than the original spiritual history and guidance of the Books of Hours, share a common core of praise and valuing the diversity of life and the universe.

Thanks to my family and friends for companionship and inspiration.


Read what some wonderful writers thought about my book.

All in Measure, Heather Saunders Estes’ gorgeous Book of Hours, is a delight for the senses and for the soul. Grounded in sensitive and sensual rhythms of earth and sea, All in Measure is truly a paean to gratitude and joy. Like the medieval Books of Hours, these poems are songs of praise, songs of ritual, songs of hope — but with a thoroughly modern twist. Heather has a keen eye and ear for nature and for her own inner workings. The poems in All in Measure are letters tapped into prayers;it is a book to read and reread, a book to treasure.
— Angie Minkin, author of Balm for the Living and coauthor of Dreams and Blessings

Heather Saunders Estes’s writing exudes a vibrant and rich observation of the stillness of life during the pandemic. Her poems are an enchanting reminder to fully embrace the beauty available in the smallest moments of the day.
—Steph Catella, PsyD licensed psychologist, author of upcoming The Emotional Intelligence Skills Workbook: Building Better Communication and Stronger Relationships

All in Measure: A Book of Hours is a profound vision of, and commitment to, daily life — a passionate celebration of family life, the world of birds, the weather, the movement of the sun from morning to night, with a ceremonial sense of time. Heather Saunders Estes is a woman living completely in an expansive view of her time and her place. I recommend All in Measure to any reader who wants to enlarge their view of poetry. I dog-eared the poems I liked best and found that there were so many that I ignored my dog’s ears.
— Barry Goldensohn, Author of The Hundred Yard Dash Man and Visitor’s Entrance

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