Featured Poem – June, 2019

I am so excited about the publication of my book. All I can say is Hallelujah!

Sing-Along Messiah

Is the point to bloom?
Send your sweetness out on the air. Open your petals.
Call to the bees. Lean toward the sun balancing on your tiptoes.
Duet with the rain.

Or is the point to fruit and seed?
Curl yourself into a fertile ball.
Wrap your missives to the future in lemon flesh and thorns
or into maple wings, as sparrows fly west
with your seeds in their bellies.

Or is the point to fade and die into fertilizing compost?
Drop crimson leaves. Sustain the next generation of worms
and lichen with decay. Rattle rhythmic seed pods in the wind.

Or is the point to do it all again?
Come back the next season.
Dance with the daughters of last year’s bees.
Scatter seeds, wait with tubers, reawaken.
Send sweet sap up your veins.

Or is the point to tango with the universe?
Feel the energy. Give weight.
Sing your part of the Messiah.
Laugh and run as hard as you can.
Fist bump the sun.
Swing in rainforests.
Spin around the earth and moon

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