Featured Poem- July, 2019


This time last year I was in Alaska visiting a family friend who is also a fabulous kayak guide. For a change of pace, here is one of my poems from the trip. These are actual names of climbing routes. The poem is also found in my book, Inner Sunset.

 Frozen Waterfall Climbing Routes 
 In South Central Alaska
 Son of Khan, Bottom Feeder, 
 Genghis—Flame Out.
 No Cigar for the Ptarmigan Couloir
 or Death Lizard,
 but a Mutiny at the Iron Curtain,
 Yellow Fever, the BackWash
 became The Lunar Landing —
 a 3-Ring Circus. 
 Fate Is A Hunter, Dirty Harry, Mad Dog,
 a Fistful of Snargs, and Vice Gripped 
 by a Tall Man and an Urban PlowBoy. 
 Sand Castles of a Dog Day
 give Tunnel Vision, then SkyView
 of the Rainbow Bridge. It’s all a Skin Game, 
 Touch and Go to Organ Pipes
 then Walk In The Woods and Pinwheel
 on a Blue Ribbon Ripple of Indecision.
 FishRack Traverse Blue Funk
 to LineUp on the Spruce Pitch,
 turn a Baby Face of Death Valley Daze 
 to RipTide 
 and Serenity Falls.

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